Post Your Reviews – Manifesto

 I don't just toss a coin to make up my mind
 Dear Reader (note the depressing lack of a plural there)
I started emailing these word-processed capsules of wisdom (or possibly misguided, self-indulgent bullshit) to colleagues. They generated a notable number of responses (often fuelled by passionate anger) and eventually cultivated a following… of sorts. So after several requests, here it is, Post Your Reviews – The Blog! Subscribe, add your thoughts, share the links, print pages out…. use them as cheap wallpaper or feed them to stray cats for all I care.

In no way is this a comprehensive library. I just review some films I happen to catch in the cinema along with the odd back catalogue title. Posts have been a bit sparse lately. What can I say, now that I’m self employed it’s just less satisfying to piss away my own time.

Moving on… films are rated using the good ol’ ***** system. Maybe in a few decades we’ll have something to rival IMDB? On second thoughts, I’ve got better things to do with my time.

Enjoy the blog….. or not, I’m really not fussed.

James Roberts


2 Responses to “Post Your Reviews – Manifesto”

  1. Good stuff JR.

    Why aren’t the reviews categorized by genre eh eh eh? 😉

    Only joking.

    Look forward to the Public Enemies review


  2. I’ve tried to ignore your film reviews James… in fact for the best part of your musings I ‘have’ managed to avoid them, but.. I along with the rest of the framestore social have now fallen under the battering quantity and rise in quality, to see that you actually have a real talent for this and a reliable efficiency at reviewing the latest films as soon as they hit our screens. I think this blog is an excellent place to convert the rest of the world. After all I was a tough cookie to crack.

    One request/suggestion though… How about reviewing 1 classic film a month. Preferably from the 1980s 😉

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