Rating – *


Surrogates is the dictionary definition of a mundane movie. Sure, Jonathan-Terminator 3-Mostow’s direction is competent enough (only in the sense that the camera doesn’t wobble) but not a single fresh visual or idea crops up through the entire running time. It’s a bland and pointless melting pot of I Robot, Minority Report, The Terminator, AI and The Matrix, just don’t expect anything approaching those heights….well maybe I Robot but that’s not saying too much. To be honest, it’s been two weeks and I can hardly even remember the film. I was dragged to see it by Aaron Lear anyway. Oh yes, I’ll name and shame when it’s necessary. “He chose…poorly”

~ by thewholebuffalo on October 18, 2009.

One Response to “Surrogates”

  1. Roberts, one must watch as many movies as possible, even the most mediocre offerings such as Surrogates. Dragging you along to see this 2 star (almost 3 star) film, was merely part of your education.

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