District 9

Rating – ****


There are moments in the last act of District 9 which offer a glimpse of how ET could have turned out had it been directed by David Cronenberg, subliminally controlled by James Cameron…… which is pretty awesome by the way! What sets out as a slightly gimmicky bastard-child of Cloverfield and Men In Black soon develops a premise which really pays off. the central character of Wikus Van De Merwe initially struck me as, not just Spike Jonze’s secret twin brother, but a one dimensional clown constantly shouting “fooking prawns!” Yet he quickly grows on you until you’ll have to resist jumping out of your seat to cheer him on!

The highly hyped visual effects are initially a slight disappointment. In fact, the very first shot of the “prawns” is easily the least convincing in the whole film. The numerous individuals who proclaim these prawns look more real than Gollum or Davey Jones are clearly deluded. But after this shaky start, there is a fluctuating quailty level of CG ranging from pretty decent, right up to a climax which utterly eclipses anything in Transformers II! The compositing, animation, and design converge so effortlessly they become totally convincing and engrossing.


I don’t agree with people who claim to have found deep meditation on political and racial issues buried in the subtext. It’s all there at face value, nothing more. Blomkamp’s motivation falls squarely under the category of providing solid (but also quite gooey and squishy) entertainment, and he’s succeeded marvelously. I find it encouraging and refreshing that good ideas and fresh talent can be nurtured by a man like Peter Jackson. District 9 has reaped financial and critical success on a worldwide scale, and it deserves every bit of it.


~ by thewholebuffalo on September 8, 2009.

5 Responses to “District 9”

  1. Number one film ever!

  2. Nope sorry, im better than District 9.

  3. It is a great film for sure, spanks Bay in the face! It’s not ashamed of being tongue-in-cheek, whereas Transformers 2 seemed all it was striving for was cheap laughs (which they got, and a laughable pile of **** – that’s shit not 4 stars.)

    SFX-wise, it’s ALL about the mech! It blew me away how well it moved and interacted with it’s enviornment, bravo!


  4. Best integration of CG characters I have seen in a film. Totally believable.
    Also I think there is more to the social commentary than the obvious.

  5. I cant wait to see the film whoopers! I want to even more having read this Tar James!

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