Rating – **


Maybe I should have realised that I’m not a teenage girl before I put my Cinepass on the counter and stated “One for Twilight please”. The generally positive reviews somehow overrode my natural instincts, but not enough to prevent me feeling like a bit of a tit as I asked for my ticket. Basically I can see the appeal of Twilight to tweenage girls and/or stupid people, but it really didn’t do it for me. The whole sorry affair is viewed through a floaty steady-cam drifting through depressing dreary rain-soaked woodland. The cinematography is clinical and lifeless. There’s lots of eggshell blue, purple and white but I can find that in my Nan’s bathroom. The performances aren’t bad but the direction is wobbly at best. As soon as anything remotely “exciting” happens everything falls apart. The flying effects and wire work are pitiful! So it’s a bit of a handicap that the whole rushed “climactic” battle revolves around them. I was nodding off by then so maybe I missed something brilliant, but I doubt it. To be fair the very last scene was quite moving and looks beautiful… what am I saying!? No, I mean it sucked big time, enough of this girly tripe!

~ by thewholebuffalo on July 18, 2009.

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