Tropic Thunder

Rating – ***


A high concept comedy that blends fairly taboo material with good old fashioned fart jokes and explosions. Tropic Thunder mocks the pretension and extravagance surrounding the Hollywood studio system. Obviously there’s some irony considering this is a flashy big budget war epic with an all star cast, but it skilfully doesn’t take itself too seriously. I’ve read several reviews claiming that Tropic Thunder isn’t funny enough. Unless I’d been dosed with laughing gas then I saw a different movie, I found it constantly hilarious. From the fake trailers that open the film to Robert Downey Jr infiltrating a jungle fortress disguised as a Vietnamese rice paddy farmer.

All the performances are strong (although Jack Black and Downey Jr stood out for me) including even the fairly brief cameos from Mathew McConaughey and Tom Cruise. In fact, Cruise deserves credit for this performance. A bald studio executive with giant hairy hands and affinity for dancing to hip hop…. it’s not what we’ve come to expect from him! Perhaps the joke is overused with an extended dance sequence over the closing credits (learn restraint Stiller). But regardless, I love the fact that he had the balls to actually go through with this. Ultimately that’s the spirit of Tropic Thunder. It’s rude, offensive, flashy, unsubtle, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!


~ by thewholebuffalo on July 18, 2009.

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