Rating – **


Not as awful as many have claimed, but not as good as it should be. We’ve seen it all before. As you should expect from Ritchie, RocknRolla is stylishly shot and features plenty of good one-liners, random act of violence and unexpected coincidences. Sadly, it also features some pretentious dialogue, grating performances and just too much …Guy Ritchiness. If only he would leave out the super stylised editing and over the top “cinematic” golden brown colour palette. Almost every scene feels like we are viewing the world through a glass of whiskey. Then there’s the pretty horrific and embarrassing monologue comparing life to a pack of cigarettes. I guess Forest Gump was wrong, it’s fags not chocolate. I didn’t hate RocknRolla, but for all the excess it’s oddly forgettable. If this was the end of Guy Ritchie’s comedy gangster flicks it wouldn’t be so bad. But he’s already tied himself into making two more follow-ups. He can’t even change his mind as the end credits proudly proclaim this fact. Hey, at least it’s better than Rev… Revol… wow, I can’t even say the name without feeling physically sick………Revolver! …damn, does anyone have any tips for removing vomit from a keyboard?

~ by thewholebuffalo on July 18, 2009.

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