Rating – *


A pathetic, mind-numbingly boring total misfire. I was expecting a decent enough high concept comedy along the lines of say, Bruce Almighty. But somehow Hancock manages to fail on every level. Seen the trailer? Then you’ve seen every single half decent moment. I literally didn’t laugh once! Peter Berg’s direction is laughably incompetent. The once daring and intriguing core concept has been watered down into a box office-friendly pile of shite. Berg appears to think he can disguise this by shooting the whole thing like the Bourne Ultimatum. The tired shaky camera gimmick will drive you crazy within two minutes. The usually great Will Smith delivers a lazy and uninspired performance. Hancock comes across as Smith just not bothering to act, rather than a lovable, lazy, alcoholic superhero. Charlize Theron is amazingly shit and Jason Bateman does his best, but there’s nothing decent for any of them to work with. So the script sucks, surely the action would be watchable? Wrong! Every single CGI shot is shockingly unconvincing. I swear the original Superman has more convincing flying effects! Towards the end of the film it crosses over from mediocre to “Batman & Robin” levels of crappiness! A random plot twist screws up everything (no big loss) Inevitably Hancock will make a decent amount of money because of the strong marketing and Smith’s presence. However, I can’t imagine anyone truly enjoying this lazy pile of cinematic faecal-matter. Later after seeing the film, I farted while eating my dinner. That was funnier than the whole of Hancock.

~ by thewholebuffalo on July 18, 2009.

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