Eagle Eye

Rating – *


Possibly the least enjoyable action film I’ve had the misfortune to endure in quite some time! I take back everything I said last year about Transformers. Although that film showcases the very worst cliched flag-waving tendencies of Michael Bay, at least he knows how to hold the camera steady and serve up spectacular fight choreography and visual effects. But with Eagle Eye, D.J Caruso (come on, that’s not even a proper name!) takes an even stupider script devoid of the imaginative set pieces. After a reasonably intriguing premise, it’s truly shocking just how lame this film becomes around the half way point. Prepare yourself for a twist so profoundly stupid, unsatisfying, and laughable it obliterates the memory of every half decent scene preceding it! It’s no big loss. The early scenes feature Shia LaBeouf’s stereotypical slacker discovering millions of dollars in his bank account right before he is contacted by a mysterious woman and his life is turned upside down. Does that all sound strangely familiar? I already saw that film back in May and it was called Wanted, an equally silly yet vastly superior action thriller. In fact the timing is perfect, pick up Wanted on DVD and avoid this pointless, misguided and deeply boring mess. By the end I was even bored of looking at Michelle Monaghan, and that quite an “achievement”.

~ by thewholebuffalo on July 18, 2009.

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