The Incredible Hulk


This sequel/reboot to Ang Lee’s unfairly derided 2003 film starts promisingly. We catch up with Bruce Banner in a run down South American slum working at a bottling plant. The ensuing rooftop chase is far more exciting than similar scenes in the Bourne movies since you can actually see what’s going on! There’s a funny Stan Lee cameo that actually drives the plot instead of acting as a distraction. But soon things make a downward spiral. It’s tricky to pinpoint exactly what is missing or bad, but The Incredible Hulk is an ultimately unsatisfying and at times boring experience.

What Ang Lee tried to do wasn’t appreciated by the explosion-loving public. So now we’re at the opposite end of the spectrum courtesy of the director of The Transporter. Sure, the action scenes are ok-ish but I never believed any of it. That’s because the CGI Hulk actually looks……….well, pretty shite. Yes, thousands of skilled artists have worked for months on this and I can see the effort. It’s just not integrated into the real world convincingly in 90% of the shots. Tim Roth’s rival Abomination looks much better but it’s still nothing revolutionary or actually believable. There are some nice jokes throughout regarding the purple pants, Bruce ‘getting excited’ and a brilliant spin on his classic catchphrase getting lost in translation “You won’t like me when I’m hungry” Maybe this is the hardest comic book character to adapt successfully. The balance just hasn’t worked yet.

~ by thewholebuffalo on July 9, 2009.

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